Through the milestone map, I am going to explain from basic concept of STM to how to get a good image.
Some basic concepts of STM, how it works, and how it attributes to our filed of science will be in "
****1. Explain what the concept of STM is and importance of it****".
Also my goal of project and some brief explanation about it will be in "
**2. What is the goal of project?**". Additionally, how to set up the STM machine, how to get an
image, or what to do when failed to get an good image etc. will be on the rest of the categories". Doing STM is first year for me so I really have not done yet so many.
So, for this milestone map, I more focused on general information about STM rather than information related to "debenzo pentacene (a,l) project". As soon as I get successful images on dibenzo pentacene, I will update this milestone map. During making the milestone map, I felt my thoughts were organized and it was really helpful.