For this final project I chose to write a MATLAB script that would, upon command, animate a blink, a smile, or a frown. Below is a link to a video (I couldn't get the widget to work, the computer was giving me a message about flash player) that shows each function of the script being carried out.
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Honestly, in terms of how it functions I believe the code (below) speaks for itself given the accompanying comments. The one thing I would like to mention about it is the way it synthesizes what I have learned in MATLAB so far. It shows the clear grasp I have gotten on handling arrays and variables in MATLAB, my growing adeptness in using the 'plot' and 'axis' functions, my ability to properly utilize 'for' loops, 'if' statements, and 'switch-case' statements, and finally it shows my skills with animating in MATLAB using the 'drawnow' function. On top of all that, this program showcases my ability to integrate my mathematical skills (in this case, parametric functions) into programs, which will be very useful in future GUIs and other such things.